2008 to 2010

A group of us come together with a passion to studying the Bible.
The vision is to create a group of intimacy and camaraderie much like your high school clique that you hung out with whom you will go out on a Friday night for pizza and movies and so we call ourselves Nakama.


2010 to 2015

We are officially sent out by our parent church, Kobe Bible Fellowship, as Nakama Bible Fellowship.
We are an international church with weekly bilingual messages with a mission to serve and reach out to our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
そして親教会の神戸バイブルフェローシップから、正式にナカマ バイブル フェローシップとして送り出されました。


2016 to present

As our group has developed and evolved, we sense a need for a broader vision, a vision to encompass more of the heart of Jesus and his plans for this world and the mission for the church.
We have always remained true to the Word of God with good, solid teaching as the backbone to whatever we do.
We also want to be reaching out more to our international society here in Kobe and beyond.
As such our new name is now Logos International Church.
それとともに、この神戸の国際的な社会へもっと福音を伝えて行きたいという思いから、教会の名前をロゴス インターナショナル チャーチとなりました。